Keeping your family safe online

Technology and the internet has changed all of our lives, particularly the lives and futures of our children. For parents and carers this opens up a whole new world of things to be aware of. Below are links to Internet Matters a not-for-profit organisation working with online safety experts to provide you with comprehensive information in order to keep your children safe online and the NSPCC.

This tool will help you set up parental controls all the main devices and websites your children use. Simply scroll through the categories and choose what you would like to protect.

 Here's the advice you need and great ways to begin conversations to keep your child safe online. You might find it helpful to start with a family discussion to set boundaries and or you might need a more specific conversation about an app or website your child wants to use or something you're worried about. 

This guide maps some of the most common apps available and highlights those that might create risky situations for children, such as unintentionally revealing personal information, stranger danger and generating large bills through in-app purchasing.

When buying devices for your child, it can be difficult to know what to look out for from an online safety perspective and what’s age appropriate, above is a link to tech guide for parents.

Guidance on setting parental controls

The following information sheets give advice to parents and carers on setting age appropriate controls on particular gaming devices.