Year 6

Eggscellent Enrichment!

As Easter draws near, Phase 3 came to the end of their spring enrichment programme, with a few new, or improved life skills under their belts! 

Here is a flavour of what they have been up to......... 



Survival skills have made it through in one piece and celebrated with hot chocolate! 



Comic book artists have created some fantastic characters and storylines........beware Batman!! 



The drama group have amazed Mrs Tuson with their imagination. Can you guess which props from Harry Potter they are creating? 


Outside, traditional games have been enjoyed by many. 


Clocks have been designed and painted, with a special memory from each child.



The board games group began a bit of a chess competition! 


Amazing artists in both enrichment art groups have learnt new techniques and finished with work to be proud of.


They can't wait to see what the summer term has to offer! 

Communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Phase 3 drama games enrichment group is excelling with these specific life skills this term, using them to improvise in a variety of games.

Ten second objects

Can you spot the fish tank? The cooked breakfast? The record player? The hot drink? 



Sit, stand, lie

The children were given a scene to create, without talking, each becoming an object or character, in a standing, sitting or lying position.

At the doctor's surgery...... 



.......the doctor can't decide who to treat first- the man having a heart attack, or the pregnant lady! 

At the supermarket........ 

IMG_4674.JPG's hard to push one child in the trolley, whilst the other child is having a tantrum on the floor! 


Year 5 and 6 race to victory!

Our year 5 and 6 cross country runners romped to victory in their first cross country meet of the season. In very wet and miserable conditions, they all ran brilliantly against sixteen other schools to score 1st place for the girls team and a very close 3rd place for the boys. Our best school performance to date so well done everyone who represented the school. Those hill reps in South Park must be working!!

Final placings in the race were as follows

Lucy (2), Dot (7), Yasmin (20), Mikayla (33), Tilly (62), Astrid (63)

Noah (7), Calum (12), Hamish (16), Freddy (32), Daniel (36), Adam (47)

The girls at the start.

The girls at the start.

Pre-race photo for the boys.

Pre-race photo for the boys.

Y6 Panto - Happily Never After

On the Thursday the 13th July Year 6 performed their spectacular pantomime o parents and siblings. The show was about a town called 'Panto Land' that was inhabited by characters of popular fairy tales such as Cinderella and Peter Pan. However, there was a slight twist to it; in the beginning the villains of the story created a curse to make the hero's happy endings not-so-happy. But in the end, like most fairy tales, the villains curse fails and the heros are victorious. 


There were many fabulous costumes in the play, by far some of the greatest were the ones in the Beauty and the Beast scene. Cogsworth's costume was made out of cardboard, felt and was wearing quite a fashionable powdered wig, it was very easy to tell his character and that he was a grandfather clock. Lumiere the candle stick's costume was a bright golden pantsuit with matching socks, shoes and and a skirt, they  had also made giant candles to use as their hands and even as their helmet. And of course, Belle was wearing a lovely pink dress and the Beast was wearing an old-fashioned jacket, a buttoned-up white shirt, black trousers and had face paint to symbolise having a face of a beast. Other wonderful costumes were the ugly stepsisters and the evil queen with their astounding hair and makeup that were done by the wonderful mathematician/ stylist, Mrs Savage.


Everyone worked extremely hard on the play and acting. Their hard work paid off when they performed in front of family and friends. The play left the audience amazed and even some tears in people's eyes. But of course, all of the lighting, music, makeup and face paint, background and costumes were not by magic but were in fact done by the extremely amazing and hardworking Year 6 team and other staff members around the school. They helped the actors with their performance and stage presence and prompted the actors when they struggled to remember their lines. 


The ugly sisters singing their hearts out on their song 'Sisters are doing it for themselves' by Annie Lennox  

The ugly sisters singing their hearts out on their song 'Sisters are doing it for themselves' by Annie Lennox  

Some of the baddies getting ready to get on stage.

Some of the baddies getting ready to get on stage.

The whole cast singing 'Life's a happy song' from the Muppets in the ending scene. 

The whole cast singing 'Life's a happy song' from the Muppets in the ending scene. 

Kwik cricket

There was a girls Kwik cricket tournament at the Macclesfield cricket club on Friday 23rd of June 2017 . We all had lots of fun and we played some excellent cricket: with some good bowling, tactical batting and stunning fielding. We played well but overall we finished 4th out of 6 teams . Yasmin, Lucy, Skye, Hattie and Dot from Year 5; Millie, Rebecca, Rose, Katarina and Chloe M from Year 6 were the team that competed.

This is what we were awarded: 

A certificate to celebrate our achievements. We are already looking forward to next years events! 

A certificate to celebrate our achievements. We are already looking forward to next years events! 

Just a little damp......

Wednesday's inter school cross country championships brought rain, rain, mud and more rain. Those wanting to brave the conditions gave an outstanding performance in what only can be described as swamp conditions. 

Only the top 3 finishers from each school scored points, but every runner who took part from Parkroyal improved on their finishing places from last week. The top 3 finishers were as follows

Y3/4 girls  -  Tilly 68  Rosalynn 69

Y3/4 boys  -  Hamish 17  Ollie 37  Freddie 46

Y5/6 girls  -  Lucy 15  Dot 23  Yasmin 52

Y5/6 boys  -  Milton 16  Calum 46  Adam 54

A HUGE well done to all the runners - we were so proud of you running in such horrible conditions and still coming through the finish line with a smile!

Y5/6 boys team

Y5/6 boys team

Cheshire and Warrington hockey finals

On Thursday 16th March our fantastic hockey team represented Macclesfield in the Level 3 finals competition. This event was a culmination of local and regional qualifiers. This meant that today it was the best of the best competing. After a slow start, losing the opening two goals by a one goal margin, the team kicked into gear and recorded a comprehensive 4-1 win against a school from Crewe. They then followed this with a draw (in a game they should have won). Unfortunately the final three group games ended in narrow defeats, which meant that on this occasion we were unable to progress further. The standard of hockey was extremely high and as a team we played really well. The team can be proud of the journey it has been on and consider themselves winners for making it all the way to this elite level of competition. 



A quick warm up ahead of the next fixture. 



Action shot- the level of competition is fierce. 



Team photo- post tournament; still able to smile for the camera. 

Mud glorious mud!

Despite the beautiful Spring sunshine, there was an abundance of mud for our intrepid cross country runners to sprint through at the Primary Schools Cross Country races at Macclesfield athletics track on Wednesday afternoon.

For many of the runners it was their first experience of racing against so many and they all did brilliantly. The year 3 and 4 pupils ran once around the cross country track plus an extra loop with the year 5 and 6 pupils completing a gruelling 2 laps.

Our highest placed runners were Milton Y6 in 13th position with Lucy Y5 and Mikaela Y5 in 21st and 22nd positions respectively. Huge well done to all the runners against some excellent and very experienced cross country runners. Mrs Morgan and Mrs Smith are super proud of you all.

Y3/4 girls results - Anna 57, Erin 67, Tilly 69, Matilda 76, Maisie 78, Rosalynn 98

Y3/4 boys results - Hamish 32, Jasper 63, Luke 66, Freddy 79, Dennis 87, Ollie 88, Jude 109, Jack 110

Y5/6 girls results - Lucy 21. Mikaela 22, Dot 29, Yasmin 37, Megan 53, Esther 75

Y5/6 boys results - Milton 13, Calum 49, Lewis 55, Jack 58, Adam 67, Ethan 89

Y5/6 girls cross country team

Y5/6 girls cross country team



Cheshire East Schools' Music Competition

Our Choir and Orchestra proudly represented Parkroyal in the annual competition held at Knutsford academy. The orchestra managed an impressive 2nd place and we are awaiting the results of the other heat to see if the Orchestra will qualify for the final at the Victoria Hall in Stoke.

Well done to both groups, you were excellent!

Macclesfield Music Festival

On Thursday 16th February, our Choir and Orchestra performed at the Macclesfield music festival. The Choir turned out in force with over 40 of our pupils taking place in a mass ensemble featuring children from several Cheshire Primary Schools. The orchestra also performed with aplomb and a special mention goes to Marek Werner who performed a cornet solo at a very high standard to the 200 plus people present.


Well done to all involved! 


Y6 step back in time at Blists Hill

We all had a fabulous day when we visited the Victorian town Blists Hill this week. Year 6 were mesmerised as they were taken back to the Victorian era where we experienced what life was really like during this time. We were able to visit homes, shops, the school and various places of work such as a candle factory and plumbers. Whilst we were there, many actors were dressed in traditional clothing from the period and shared with us what life was really like during the time for them as well as answer the many questions Parkroyal had to ask! 



Here is what some of Y6 had to say about their day at Blists HIll..... 

My favourite part of Blists Hill was the Printers shop because you got to see him print on a bag, and you got to see the template before he put it in the machine to print it. My other favourite parts were the bakery because you could smell the bread whilst it was being made and it lured you in to wanting some warm,crusty bread,and I liked the sweet shop. - Holly



My best bit at Blists Hill was the smell of the bakery's bread and the sweet shop  I loved the  smell of chocolate drops.-Bethany

My favourite bit of Blists hill was when we went to the sweet shop because it smelt really, really NICE! Also the bakery because it also smelt AWESOME! -Eric

My favourite bit is when I went in the sweet shop. Also I liked going in the bank. Best trip ever! From Noah

My favourite bit was when we went to the chemist shop . I got to learn about chemicals which will be useful when l grow up . This trip will be one of my FAVOURITE  TRIP  EVER !! - Anoushka                               



This has possibly been one of my favourite trips. The whole thing was really impressive.and I really felt like I had seen what life was truly like in the Victorian era. Marek

I really enjoyed the squatters house because I spoke to the woman about what girls would do during the day. Plus we got money to spend and it was fun to use the different types of coins. At the end of the day I didn't want to leave even though I was exhausted! Thank you teachers for taking us to such an exquisite, historical place. This was such a fab day. Go Blists Hill !!! From Esther.                                             

This is the best day ever it was fun. I went into the sweet shop and I got Victorian money. From Alex.D

During the trip we also took part in an Intaglio Printing workshop. We took our William Morris designs we had been working on in school and turned these into a print. 





The Day The Crayons Came Home

On the 8th of November 2016, Year Five and Six worked together on a writing project inspired by 'The Day the Crayons Came Home' by Drew Daywalt. 

  Getting into character 

  Getting into character 

After researching the thousands of colours that exist in the world (including: alien armpit, fuzzy Wuzzy,  jet black, electric cyan , baby blue and devil red), we each selected one of the colours and developed a character for them.

In the style of the book, we created our own version of a postcard sent by a 'stranded' crayon to the main character of the story, Duncan. 

Some of our finished work

Some of our finished work

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