Year 2

Year 2: book comparisons


Year 2 have been looking at comparing books by differences and similarities. It has helped their understanding in reading and hopefully helped them learn something new to put in their writing. Never judge a book by its cover! 


The year 2 children worked in pairs to compare two books. They reviewed each other's books and decided what differences and similarities there are. You would be surprised at how different the same two books can be!


The challenge is ready to go.

The sponsor time table challenge is all ready for tomorrow.

It has been great to see so many of you working hard in preparation; with smiles on your faces.

Good luck to you all and a big thank you for all the sponsors so far. Your generosity is very much appreciated and will be added to the Event and Banking team's target for enriching spaces around school.

Volleyball club

The second volleyball club is underway. A mixture of Year 1s and 2s have been showing some amazing throwing and catching skills over the last 3 weeks. Following a number of ball skills games, we have been practising using the underhand pass or 'dig', and this week introduced the overhead 'set' pass. We also brought in the net to provide a more challenging obstacle to our passing. This week the net won, but next week, we'll be even more amazing.... 


Volleyball club

Volleyball club started this week, with 16 eager infants all working hard to improve their ball skills, and hand-eye coordination. We have attempted a number of activities aimed at improving throwing and catching skills, individually and in pairs. 

We also tried our hand at the underhand pass or 'dig' , using linked hands.