Meeting Simon Bartram

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a ‘write’ good time on Friday when Simon Bartram, author of ‘Man on the Moon’, ‘Dougal’s deep-sea diary’ and ‘Bob’s best ever friend’ paid a visit to Parkroyal. 

The children went alien spotting, and looked at Simon’s many different hair-do’s, as well as looking at his books! As well as being a writer and illustrator, Simon gives a memorable performance in assemblies, and the children were engrossed in hearing tales about his most famous character, Bob the spaceman, as well has his jokes!

He also told us about his new book ‘Rufus’, a really grotty, green monster who is looking for ‘peopley persons’ to scare. The children were thrilled to buy copies of the book, signed by the author. 


Meet Simon and Bob

As author AND illustrator, Simon showed the children how to draw aliens. 



A new character emerges...



What it is to be able to draw....!

We had great question from the children too...”What is your favourite book...?” and “How did you become an author and illustrator...?”

Thank you for joining us, Simon.


Happy faces....