The time has finally come! Get ready for an afternoon of dancing,singing and clapping as you cheer for Grease Lightning, sing to You're The One That I Want and be wowed by the amazing year 5 dancers as they perform with The Macclesfield Academy!

 The famous Grease slogan! 

The famous Grease slogan! 

After weeks of rehearsals and non-stop dancing, year 5 were eventually able to show the audience how to dance in the matinee of Grease. The pupils had already participated in a dress rehearsal the previous day, which made them all the more excited! On Tuesday, the big day, the year fives headed down to the Academy for one final rehearsal. As the day passed by, the performance drew closer and closer and the rest of KS2 began to arrive. At exactly 1 o'clock, the band struck up a tune and the curtains opened. Showtime!

 Just look at the brightness in that light! 

Just look at the brightness in that light! 





The show went very well with all of the children feeling very proud. 


'A spectacular performance!' says Mrs Morgan, an excited audience member

 'Creative and well timed dance sequences!' exclaims Mrs Shaw, another enthusiastic member of the audience!'

'I am very proud of myself and my year group and I can't wait for the Friday show!'  says Yasmin, a year 5 pupil who danced on stage.

The pupils danced with such coolness that they could all probably make it into the T-birds gang!




All of the children are looking forward to the Friday performance, which is the big one! However, they'll have to wait a while, but they can keep cheering for Grease Lightning!