Meeting Our New Teachers: Year 5

Over transition week, year 5 have been getting to know their new teachers.  The pupils have been very excited about moving up into year 5, and of course getting to meet their new teachers!

Miss Johnson and Mrs Jones are new to Parkroyal and we are very happy to welcome them into  our community. We already know lots about them!

The amazing Miss Johnson. 

The amazing Miss Johnson. 

Miss Johnson

Enjoys: going to the gym, travelling, netball and eating chocolate.

Favourite part of teaching: working with different children and classes.

Favourite part of Parkroyal: how we are a great team.

Favourite colour: purple. 

Favourite subject to teach: art and DT. 


Mrs Jone

The wonderful Mrs Jones.    

The wonderful Mrs Jones. 


Enjoys: reading, going to the theatre, watching musicals. 

Favourite part of teaching: when a child has been working hard on something for a while and they finally get it. 

Favourite part of Parkroyal: the friendliness of the pupils and the staff. 

Favourite colour: yellow.

Favourite subject to teach: IT and maths. 




 Parkroyal are also very pleased to welcome the lovely Miss Barreto to our school,who will be teaching year 4. The children are very pleased to have such fantastic teachers and can't wait to spend the upcoming year with them.