A day in the life of a Victorian.

On Tuesday, Year 1 went on a fantastic trip to the Heritage Centre, where we learnt all about life as a Victorian child. We went to school, made rag rugs and spent some time in the Weaver's Cottage.


In the Weaver's Cottage to see what life would be like in a Victorian home. There was lots of fun to be had, as well as lots to learn about. We found out that as many as 8 children would sleep in one bedroom - some of the children demonstrated how to get 4 in one bed!


Then we had to wash our clothes using a washboard and dolly.

Working hard there, Max, Mabelle and Finley. Scrub a dub dub!

Some of our children then dressed up as Florrie and Fred, poor Victorian children, and as Edward and Elizabeth, rich Victorian children. Can you spot which ones are which?

On a Sunday, after working for 6 days, children would go to school. We dressed up as Victorian children before entering the classroom. We had to listen very carefully and only speak when we were spoken to. When addressing the teacher we had to remember to always call her Ma'am. She was very strict but luckily all of the children were very well behaved! The 'monitors' (teachers) were only allowed to take photos at the end, as we had to stay in character the whole time. 

Whilst in the classroom, we did some observational drawing of an Asian elephant on slate, and then practised our alphabet using ink and a Victorian pen. As we were so well behaved no one was ordered to wear the 'dunce's hat' - however these children kindly volunteered to show us what the children would have to do if they misbehaved. Those weights look heavy, Ram, Jack and Harry!

We also learnt a new skill - how to make a rag rug! The children were absolutely brilliant and concentrated so hard. I don't think we have ever known them to be so quiet!

They were very proud of their masterpieces. 

Thank you all for a superb trip, it was a pleasure to take you out of school and the teachers were all very proud!