Impossible or I'm possible?

Across the school again this week, all the children have continued improving their life skills, during our Enrichment sessions.


Do we live in the North, South, East or West of the U.K.? Children in Y3&4, with Mrs Savage this week, have been finding the map references of cities located within the UK. 




Mrs Tuson's group have been investigating how our lungs work, making a model that relied on teamwork to be effective.  



In the Y3&4 sewing room this week, the children have gained in confidence, using sharp scissors to cut out shapes and pins to attach patterns to felt. The completed designs are looking amazing..........roll on the Summer Fair!



Year 5 & 6

The first aid group this morning took a test which covered all the information and skills learnt over the last few weeks for basic first aid.

 Well done Alex of 6HP for achieving first spot on the test.

Well done Alex of 6HP for achieving first spot on the test.

This week Mrs Taylor's clay kids have finished their pinch pots and they are ready to go on display. 


The children have been very busy designing clay animals which they will be making after half term.


This week we've tested our vehicles with real eggs. All groups completed the challenge and kept their egg in tact. Well done everyone, Mrs Dunkley.


The children made rockets in silly science enrichment with Mrs Ray.