Year 4: This week's roundup

On Monday, members of another school in Macclesfield joined our year four pupils for a workshop to practice for a very exciting debating competition. Only six pupils were chosen to participate in the training session, and here we have some quotes from two of them. 

'It was different way to spend the day and I'm glad I could be a part of it,' reported the 4SC pupil. 'It was fun, adventurous and it was cool to meet and work with people from other schools' 

'It was fun and I learnt lots. I was really excited when I got picked. It was very nice meeting new people.' A member of 4BW quoted. 

On Wednesday, 4BW tried rhubarb jam for the first time from enrichment. It was different to the normal raspberry and strawberry jam they usually have but, luckily, most people enjoyed it.

'It was nice the first time, I liked it more with less on than more though.

'I got the personal challenge badge because I tried it.' Reported two students of 4BW.

Also on Wednesday, both of the year four classes were planting seeds in the upper hall. They planted many different seeds such as baby carrots, runner beans and cress; thanks to Mrs Massey for providing the seeds. The children are watching to see which one of the vegetables will grow the quickest and who will be crowned the star grower.

I enjoyed it because I like planting different seeds in my garden like strawberries, potatoes and baby carrots' said a member of 4BW.


Year four have been busy at work writing suspense stories based on the story 'Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat' by Pie Corbett. So far, they are up to the 'innovative stage' in their writing. They have been working on the story map for nearly three weeks and are close to learning it off by heart without the text. 

 A piece of writing from a member of 4BW based on the story. 

A piece of writing from a member of 4BW based on the story.