LKS2 Enrichment: Teamwork makes the dream work.

Years 3 & 4

Teamwork was the essential ingredient today, as children designed their treasure maps, using compass knowledge and map symbols. 


In the sewing room, they were concentrating on using paper patterns to cut out their felt shapes, realising it gave them the shape they wanted without wasting felt. Co-operation was in abundance, as they worked together to complete their pieces. 



Unfortunately, the weather put a dampener on outside games, but the team spirit was still alive as they worked together indoors.


Problem solving was the order of the day with Mrs Tuson, as the children had to create a structure, that would support the weight of a tennis ball -with only 10 pieces of A4 paper and 1m of tape.



Planning and organising, and a steady hand is providing fabulous results with the Mathematical Art.


Despite the rain, the gardeners continued working together, keeping each other motivated, to improve our garden for us all to enjoy.  


Communication was essential in The Garage Band, as they worked in pairs to create their musical masterpieces.




Year 1 & 2

 Mrs Herbert's enrichment group looked at self esteem yoga poses. They had a dinosaur theme with some mindful colouring. All the children left feeling very calm, relaxed and focused.


Mrs Taylor's clay kids have designed and made clay pinch pots using lots of new skills and techniques. This week they have painted them, they are looking amazing!


Mrs Dunkley's engineering group have been using the growth mindset approach when trying to problem solve. There are no right or wrong answers, the children have been thinking outside the box. They have tried to make the tallest, free standing, paper towers. They made a bridge between a given distance that a toy car can travel along and this week they have been looking at lego vehicles.


Mrs Poole's drawing group took a line for a continual walk and filled in the patterns with oil pastels. 


Years 5 & 6 

The Textile Artistry group continued to produce beautiful work, ready for the Summer fair.

The skipparoos,enjoyed the beautiful morning sunshine,whilst trying to see how many of the group could skip at the same time.


Our first aid enrichment group, looked at the vital CPR technique and the correct recovery position to be used.Everyone listened to the instructions and could clearly demonstrate both first aid skills effectively.

Miss Smith's origami group mad otters and made them into cards.