Pupils v staff netball match

What better way to round off the netball season, than with some fun in the sun at our pupils v staff netball match. After a quick round up of the rules (for those rusty netballers) the match got underway.

The first quarter saw our regular netball team players take the court. Proving that netball is not just for girls, Mr Utteridge took on the centre role against our resident centre speed demon Lucy; the pace of the game was fast and there were soon some very pink faces (and that was just the staff!).  A full team change at quarter 2 for the pupils and a quick shuffle of positions for the staff (including super subs Mr Ransom and Mrs Shaw) and they were away again. The staff shooting team (Mrs Chappell/Chloe S) were awesome and they were soon popping in the goals. 

Quarter 3 and 4 saw some tactical moves by Mrs Alexander; extra players kept appearing on court one by one until all 20 of the netball team were in action. The final result was a resounding win for the staff but AMAZING fun was had by all. 

Thanks to all the staff and pupils for a great match, to all the pupils and staff who came out to support both teams and to Mrs Dykins for time keeping. A special thank you to Izzy and Chloe (former pupils) who have supported the team not only today, but all season with coaching and umpiring on a weekly basis.

Mrs Alexander and Mrs Smith