We’ve struck Gold!


Since the start of the school year the following pupils have all achieved a Gold award on their Mathletics accounts:

1CHP:  Freya

1GH:    Evie, Alvari,Sreehaas

2MN:   Kya, Andrew, Penny, Shivhari

2AR :   Sureya

3JB:     Stuart

3CP:    Caleb, Elijas

4BW:  Caitlin, Michael, Diya

4SC:   Amber, Daniel

5BU:  Kamil, Ethan, Edie

5RK:  Nasrin, Yasmin

6HW: Kirstie, Megan, Samanvi, Esther, Eric, Anna

6HP: Jacob

This is not an easy task and each of you have shown a positive mindset, determination, perseverance, resilience, resolve, resolution and a strength of character.


You should all feel extremely proud as I am of you all.Thank you for your hard work and wanting to challenge and stretch your maths knowledge, Mrs Savage.