Girls Football Tournament

Team captain Match Report

The first match against Marlborough was a tough team. With equal passes as tackles and shots, it was unlucky for Rose when she let a ball slip out of her grasp and into the net leaving the first game a 1-0 match win for Marlborough.

The second game was no different it was a strong challenge playing against Upton   . Parkroyal's rivals with last time they played it was a 1-1 draw. Upton played the possession card well, leaving Parkroyal to scavenge for the ball. There were many shots for both teams; Parkroyal's Holly Davies took a shot and it ball swerved away from the net, hitting the ball against the post. It resulted as a goal kick, leaving Upton's keeper to launch the ball up pitch. The ball was intercepted by Upton's striker with a well hit shot, leaving the ball to find its way to the bottom corner. The match ended 1-0 to Upton.



75% of this team had never played a Girls Football Match before so not only are we really proud of their efforts it was a great experience too!