Six Ways To Be Smart Extravaganza

On Friday 3rd March 2017, we had the exciting opportunity to go on a tour around the school to celebrate everybody's 'Six Ways to be Smart' homework. This was a different experience for younger and older year groups to come together, share and celebrate other people's projects. We personally enjoyed people leaving positive feedback about the homework we had worked really hard on. Another highlight for us was admiring others children's homework and leaving supportive comments. Here are a few snaps of different children's work:



5BU's Homework😀 

We personally both like the 'Maccopoly' game as it has had a lot of hard work and effort which has been put into it. We'd love to sit down with our friends and enjoy a game of this one rainy afternoon. 


2MN's Homework 😃 


We both love the life-sized road sign which really stood out. 


6HW's Homework 😎 


We love the ice scene as it is very detailed and different.


4BW's Homework 😁 

We both loved guessing which characters the suitcases in Year 4 belonged to. 


Be sure to watch out for the 'Six Ways to be Smart' homework in the Summer Term. 


Millie and Georgia (Year 6 Bloggers)