Just a little damp......

Wednesday's inter school cross country championships brought rain, rain, mud and more rain. Those wanting to brave the conditions gave an outstanding performance in what only can be described as swamp conditions. 

Only the top 3 finishers from each school scored points, but every runner who took part from Parkroyal improved on their finishing places from last week. The top 3 finishers were as follows

Y3/4 girls  -  Tilly 68  Rosalynn 69

Y3/4 boys  -  Hamish 17  Ollie 37  Freddie 46

Y5/6 girls  -  Lucy 15  Dot 23  Yasmin 52

Y5/6 boys  -  Milton 16  Calum 46  Adam 54

A HUGE well done to all the runners - we were so proud of you running in such horrible conditions and still coming through the finish line with a smile!

 Y5/6 boys team

Y5/6 boys team