72 awards earned.

That's right. 72 awards!

It really does take determination, patience, and perseverance to earn an award.

A Bronze, Silver or Gold are ALL hard to achieve and anyone who has one should feel very proud.

This week saw Felicity 5BU, Kyle 3JB, Elysia 2MN and Riley 2MN all gained their first ever award. Diya 4BW, Daniel 4SC and Kya 2MN all got a Gold and Maisie 3CP collected 6714 points on her account in a single week!


The Leaderboard is looking good and very close at the minute for the top four places. Keep going, work as a team in your classes and if you need an IPad please ask. We have class packs for you to use in school.

Thank you to you all for the hard work you are doing to improve your maths knowledge and logging onto your Mathletics accounts.

Have a great week, Mrs Savage.