Going for GOLD

I am so excited to share our Mathletics news...

It takes hard work, persistence and determination to earn 1000 points for a certificate to be earned in a week, 5 bronze you will earn a Silver award and on earning 20 bronze awards, you will achieve your first GOLD award.

From the 2016 leavers last year we had one girl pupil from 6HW who achieved a GOLD award. So far this year we have had 8 GOLDS achieved! 

Pupils who have received these are Megan, Esther, Kirstie and Eric from 6HW, Jacob 6HP, Nasrin and Yasmin 5RK, and our youngest Gold award achiever, Shivhari from Year 2MN. Well done to you all.

All pupils from years 1 to 6 should feel very proud of themselves as in total this school year they have earned a massive 1091 Bronze awards,163 Silver awards and 8 Gold awards.This is fantastic and great to see.

Thank you for working so hard, it really is amazing to see so many of you enjoying your Maths.