Diwali lights up Phase 2

On Thursday, Phase 2 marked Diwali, with a number of fun activities.

Diwali is a festival of light celebrated by the Hindu, Sikh and Jain religions, all of which originated in India. According to the epic story, the ‘Ramayana’, the festival celebrated the triumph of good over evil, as Prince Rama defeated the evil Lord Ravanna, King of the Lankas, using a magic golden arrow.


Mrs Parton’s classroom was full of story telling. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita first. After the children worked in groups to role play with masks to help the children get into character. There was also a narrator in each group to help tell the story.



Mrs Patton’s classroom became a hive of activity as the children made Diwali cards, which used to be sent to younger siblings, but are now usually sent to family and friends. The children used oil pastels to draw firework scenes.



Miss Naylor’s classroom was full of bright, beautiful colours as the children learnt about Rangoli patterns. The patterns were passed on down through the generations and were often made on the floor. The children identified the symmetry in the intricate designs. The children then carefully coloured in different Rangoli designs in bold and bright colours.



In Mr Beevers’ classroom, the children used clay to make diya lamps which are lit in huge numbers at diwali. The light symbolises the triumph of good over evil. Real diya pots are made of clay and contain oils which is burned through a wick. Nowadays, many diya pots are made of plastic and traditional Indian pottery skills are being lost. The children used a small ball of clay to form a pot, and used tools to decorate in their own creative style. We used tea lights instead of aromatic oils however!