Mathletics this term


Welcome to the first Mathletics blog...

   We are very excited to share the new way in which Mathletics awards are going to be awarded to pupils. Each week any pupils who have achieved bronze, silver, gold awards as part of their homework and or through practising other maths skills online, will be awarded a deputy headteacher award and a raffle ticket which will be entered into a half-termly prize draw.  Pupils will be able to add their names to the Walls of Fame for KS1 and KS2 at the start of each week.

The class with the highest overall class participation on Mathletics will  be awarded the Mathletics trophy at the end of each half-term.

Mathletics homework 


To achieve a bronze award you will need to earn a minimum of 1000 points in a week.

The Mathletics week begins at 7am on a Monday and ends at 6pm on a Sunday. Anyone who completes this task will be awarded on a Monday a headteacher award plus a raffle ticket which will be drawn on the last week of the month. Pupils names will be displayed on the Mathletics award board for that week for all to see and be proud of. A raffle ticket will also be given to all pupils who have achieved an award.

Any points earned will reset to 0 on a Monday ready for the coming week; point can not be carried over.

To achieve a Silver, you must have a total of 4 Bronze awards first then you will earn your Silver.

To achieve a Gold, you must have a total of 4 Silver awards then you will earn a Gold. 

Only 1 pupil in year 6 last year achieved Gold, so this isn't an easy task however it is achievable. 

Good luck to you all and most importantly have fun with your maths. 

Mrs Savage.