Bravo, Charles, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot have arrived!

This morning we noticed that some more eggs had a pip mark in. We knew we stood a good chance of seeing a baby chick or more hatching today. It was very exciting!

We couldn't have timed it better. 4CP came into 4BW's room to discuss Alpha moving into the brooder and to look at the pip marks and then the egg started wriggling and we were lucky enough to catch it and watch the whole thing. From a pip mark to the chick emerging from its egg. Make sure you watch the video of the second chick hatching!

Bravo showed true resilience whilst hatching, he didn't give up throughout the whole process. 

Since this chick hatched, 5 others have hatched. It is safe to say it has been a VERY exciting day, full of new life! 

Some of the children (and staff) even got to hold Alpha today! I am sure the children that didn't get the chance today, will later in the week. Remember, all of the new baby chicks will need cuddles! Tomorrow there will hopefully be more chicks hatching. 

Keep checking the blog for more CHICK-DATES!