Introducing the arrival of... Alpha the baby chick!

Well it has been a very egg-citing morning in year 4, because we have a new arrival. An early one at that! 

We have had an incubator in our classroom for nearly two weeks now, the chicks have been happily growing in their eggshell. However, last night, before Miss Williams and Miss Parton left school, they noticed one of the eggs had a crack in it. They discovered that the egg was moving and actually the chick was ready to hatch 3 days earlier than expected!

Overnight, our little chick hatched all by itself! So this morning, when year 4 came into school they were welcomed by the sound of chirping. Surprisingly, very loud chirping, for a chick all on its own. 

This morning in class, we have all come together to admire the chick and discuss the exciting news of its arrival. We have decided to call it Alpha - The first born. After we decided on the name of this chick, Ralph had a great idea, that all of the chicks after this one should be named after the phonetic alphabet. Baby Alpha has been making such a lot of noise throughout the day, we decided that this was because he wanted his brothers and sisters to make their first pip (pipping: the first crack the chick makes out of the egg) out of their egg so he could meet his siblings and have someone to play with!

So hopefully we won't be waiting too long for Bravo! 

Keep checking the school blog for CHICK-DATES!