Celebration of Year 3 Six Ways to Be Smart

Year 3 had a fantastic time sharing their superb creations for their 'Six Ways to be Smart' homework. It was clear that lots of time and effort went in to all of the masterpieces! 

Some of the creative art work produced by our talented children. It was great to see a variety of different media used, such as collage, water-colours, sketching, detailed colouring and 3D craft. 

Charlotte used technology to show her creating artwork on a larger scale, using fabric - it felt like we were watching Art Attack! She then became part of the piece herself. 

Lily chose to hand sew some rainforest animals and attach them to her artwork - we believe this is the first sewing we have seen in our 'Six Ways to be Smart' homework!  

Some children created maps to display the different rainforests around the world. They also included different facts around them - very attractive and informative!

We also had some fantastic musical instruments, including rainmakers and drums. 
Hayden made a superb drum with foliage around and gave us a rendition of his jungle call. Olliver created a great rainmaker and drum,. He explained how he had constructed it, and what made the unusual vibrations which caused the sound. 

There are some more photos of the creative pieces of work below. 

Thank you for all of your hard work, Year 3, we thoroughly enjoyed looking at and hearing about it all!