Gradbach, 2016

It has been very exciting in year 4 this year, as we were lucky to be the first year group to go to Gradbach, on a residential. It was fantastic from beginning to end!

Gradbach allowed children to work with people who sometimes they don't always get the chance to work with. It was lovely to see so many different groups of children getting along so well and enjoying each others company. We were lucky as teachers to see so many friendships blossom. 

Team work was the most important part of this trip! Whether it was having your team there to offer support and words of wisdom or having them there so you could complete a task or feel a sense of achievement when during sport, we soon discovered the thing called a TEAM is very important in many aspects of life!

A sense of achievement was felt by everyone during the trip. Every child gave every task 100% effort. The children showed resilience when it came to fire building and using the flint and steel. They showed team spirit when playing rounders. Children complimented one another, on their art work and helped each other to create something they would be proud of. There was a test of trust when the children did the blindfolded walk amongst the trees. Children showed determination to complete the forest hunt and solve all of the problems and identify the species in the forest and compare habitats. 

A great time was had by everyone, teachers and children. We, as teachers are so lucky to take such wonderful, caring and enthusiastic children away with us. 

Thank you year 4. You made this trip AMAZING!