Walk, talk and eat like an Egyptian!

Year 4 have had a wonderful day today, celebrating all of our hard work this term so far! We have tasted Egyptian food, dressed up like Egyptians, danced like Egyptians and created jewellery inspired by Egyptians!  

Fantastic costumes year 4!

Smiles all round...

... Although our faces  soon changed when we were trying Egyptian style food. Pickled cucumber anyone? 

We made reed boats and tested whether they floated.

Only the finest kind of jewellery designed and created at PRCS!

Isobel made herself into a fact file: What a FANTASTIC example of making the most of what you have at home. Isobel has even painted her nails with HIEROGLYPHICS! Well done! :) 

Dance like Egyptians! The children composed Egyptian music pieces and choreographed dances to go with the music. 

Very talented children in family four! 


Our fantastic Egyptian dancing and music.