Year 3 Toga and Tiara Party!

Year 3 celebrated all of their hard work during last term's Romans topic by having a 'Toga and Tiara Party'! 

The children looked fantastic as they came to school dressed as Romans. We had some superb togas, tiaras and soldiers - even Boudicca joined us! 

We tasted some foods which the Romans would have eaten. The children loved testing out different combinations with the olive oil, honey, bread, cheese and olives! We then washed it down with a glass of wine (grape juice!). [Look out for some amusing faces, as the olives were not a hit with everyone!]

We then spent the rest of the day doing different Roman related activities and games, such as making our own mosaics and wreath headdresses. 

Thank you Year 3 for a fantastic, hard working term and a brilliant party!