Pirates of the Curry Bean

Years 3 and 4 have worked incredibly hard over the past 4 weeks to put on an outstanding show. Everyone performed in their roles fantastically and all the children thought carefully about how they could best portray the character they were playing. The children were completely involved in the whole process; they helped create the backdrop, props, composed music, helped choreograph the dance moves, and controlled the sound effects during the performances. The children maintained a 'professional' and focused attitude towards their production and put 100% into every performance.  Thanks also goes to all the staff who worked so hard behind the scenes to co-ordinate the performance.

Some of the fantastic props, designed and made by the children.

  Our fantastic sound technicians: Charlie Coldwell and Antonio Ceval-Pena  

Our fantastic sound technicians: Charlie Coldwell and Antonio Ceval-Pena 

Year 3 dancing to Piratical Style with Captain Redbeard.

Year 4 showing off their outstanding acting skills.

What the children think: 

"We did very well and we got lots of laughter from the audience." - Anya W (Squark)

"I was in heaven, I was in heaven, I was in heaven! Do you know what 3 heavens make? 3 heavens make 21!" - Yasmin M (Slack)

"It was excellent, brilliant, it was good, everything positive." - Alfie L (Captain Cod)

"The jokes were funny" - Calum J (Baggywinkle)

"The singing was wonderful" - Rhianna M (Toe)

"I think the jokes were very great and funny" - Amy R (Dancer)

"Jacks limbo was hilarious" - Jaxon KJ (Tick)

"The humour was spectacular!" - Jack AK (Hornhonker)

"The play was amazing." - Harry H (Fluke)

"AWESOME!" - Antonio C-V (Sound)

Well done year 3 and 4.