Y6 step back in time at Blists Hill

We all had a fabulous day when we visited the Victorian town Blists Hill this week. Year 6 were mesmerised as they were taken back to the Victorian era where we experienced what life was really like during this time. We were able to visit homes, shops, the school and various places of work such as a candle factory and plumbers. Whilst we were there, many actors were dressed in traditional clothing from the period and shared with us what life was really like during the time for them as well as answer the many questions Parkroyal had to ask! 



Here is what some of Y6 had to say about their day at Blists HIll..... 

My favourite part of Blists Hill was the Printers shop because you got to see him print on a bag, and you got to see the template before he put it in the machine to print it. My other favourite parts were the bakery because you could smell the bread whilst it was being made and it lured you in to wanting some warm,crusty bread,and I liked the sweet shop. - Holly



My best bit at Blists Hill was the smell of the bakery's bread and the sweet shop  I loved the  smell of chocolate drops.-Bethany

My favourite bit of Blists hill was when we went to the sweet shop because it smelt really, really NICE! Also the bakery because it also smelt AWESOME! -Eric

My favourite bit is when I went in the sweet shop. Also I liked going in the bank. Best trip ever! From Noah

My favourite bit was when we went to the chemist shop . I got to learn about chemicals which will be useful when l grow up . This trip will be one of my FAVOURITE  TRIP  EVER !! - Anoushka                               



This has possibly been one of my favourite trips. The whole thing was really impressive.and I really felt like I had seen what life was truly like in the Victorian era. Marek

I really enjoyed the squatters house because I spoke to the woman about what girls would do during the day. Plus we got money to spend and it was fun to use the different types of coins. At the end of the day I didn't want to leave even though I was exhausted! Thank you teachers for taking us to such an exquisite, historical place. This was such a fab day. Go Blists Hill !!! From Esther.                                             

This is the best day ever it was fun. I went into the sweet shop and I got Victorian money. From Alex.D

During the trip we also took part in an Intaglio Printing workshop. We took our William Morris designs we had been working on in school and turned these into a print.