Gardening Club - week 1

Year 1 and 2 children had a very productive first planting session this week.  First, we talked about why we wanted to be part of gardening club and we found out that most of the children want to be able to help parents and grandparents in their garden. 


Mr Robinson showed us how to prepare the little pots for crocus bulbs then we planted six each in two pots. 

 Handling the bulbs carefully. 

Handling the bulbs carefully. 


Then we planted some narcissi in bigger pots. First we made a pattern of five bulbs then planted extra crocuses around the edges.


 Super gardeners! 

Super gardeners! 


We finished by having a walk and the gardens to see what other things were growing. Reception have planted some interesting vegetables. Next week we're going to look round the inside of our school to see which areas need cheering up!