Disco Time!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 jumped, wiggled and ate their way through a fantastic disco last Friday.  DJ Chappell was in the decks as usual and the staff manned food, treats, hair glitter and tattoo stations around the hall.  


 Thank you to Mrs Savage, the Parkroyal Enrichment team and all the fabulous staff who stayed to help.   

1GH Yoga

On a rainy day, 1GH decided to stretch, tuck and balance during a Cosmic Kids yoga session.  

Namaste xx

Eggscellent Enrichment!

As Easter draws near, Phase 3 came to the end of their spring enrichment programme, with a few new, or improved life skills under their belts! 

Here is a flavour of what they have been up to......... 



Survival skills have made it through in one piece and celebrated with hot chocolate! 



Comic book artists have created some fantastic characters and storylines........beware Batman!! 



The drama group have amazed Mrs Tuson with their imagination. Can you guess which props from Harry Potter they are creating? 


Outside, traditional games have been enjoyed by many. 


Clocks have been designed and painted, with a special memory from each child.



The board games group began a bit of a chess competition! 


Amazing artists in both enrichment art groups have learnt new techniques and finished with work to be proud of.


They can't wait to see what the summer term has to offer! 

Champions at the Championships

The Cross Country Championships took place at Macclesfield Leisure Centre this week and after such a success season, there was a great deal at stake to secure a final winning place. For the Y6 runners this would also be their last cross country team race for Parkroyal so all were keen to give it their best yet.

The 3/4 girls started proceedings, and with a revised route due to the heavy morning rainfall, they slipped and slid their way around the course. With our front runner Nikita missing due to illness, the rest of the team gave it 110% for our top 3 to finish in 46th (Maisie), 48th (Lola) and 59th (Adelaide) places. Fantastic and some budding running performances ready for year 5 and 6.

The 3/4 boys followed the girls round the now very churned up track. Again a great deal of grit and determination was shown with the 3 A's finishing in our top 3 positions (Alfie 40th, Andrew (44th and Adam 48th). Again an excellent performance.

The Y5/6 girls have had the most successful season this year of all our teams and they were very keen to finish on a high. Lucy, having been placed in the top 3 for all her races so far, battled her way to the front of the start line to get a good position in the race. It was a nail-biting 2 laps with Lucy hanging on to 4th place until 10 metres from the line when she found something extra from somewhere to pip the Dean Valley runner on the line to secure a well deserved 3rd place. Our other 2 Y6 stars Dot and Yasmin stormed in in 17th and 20th positions to give the team a very credible 40 points.

Finally the boys, having finished 2nd last week and also keen to finish on a high, took to the track. A steady performance for the first lap saw Noah in about 13th position with Calum, Hamish and Ethan hot on his heels. A 2nd lap spur saw them pick off the opposition one by one and, with an amazingly exciting sprint to the finish, the top 3 finishing positions gave the team 35 points (Noah 5th, Calum 10th and Hamish 20th).

A nail biting wait at the presentation table was followed by a very loud cheer as it was announced that both Y5/6 teams had secured 2nd place overall. There was also an individual medal for Lucy for her 3rd place and Effort awards went to Tilly and Alfie for their dedication, persistence and improvement in cross country over the season.

A huge well done to all the runners; it takes a lot of grit and determination to step over that start line and all the coaches (Mrs Morgan, Mrs Poole and Mrs Smith) are very proud of you all. We are looking forward to another successful season next year and good luck to our Y6 pupils in your high school cross country events.

 Championship success

Championship success

 The top 3 in their final Parkroyal race

The top 3 in their final Parkroyal race

 Fabulous Four!

Fabulous Four!

End of season finale ..... in a blizzard!

Our super seven netballers braved the elements last Saturday when they competed against 13 other Macclesfield schools at the Primary netball tournament. The weather truly was a test; gale force wind, snow blizzards, sunshine .... you name it we had it! 

The 14 teams were divided into 2 groups with the winner of each group facing each other in the final. Some of the teams were those we had played in our league fixtures and others were new opposition. 

The whole team played brilliantly; passing, defending, moving into space and great shooting. It was a pleasure to watch them put into practice all the skills they had learnt during the netball season. With 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 narrow defeat, the team secured 3rd place overall which is fantastic. Well done to each and every player who contributed to this success and thank you to our hardy supporters who also braved the elements on a freezing cold Saturday morning to cheer them on.

v St Albans  W 2-0,

v Kings  L 3-5,

v St Johns  W 6-2,

v Bollinbrook  D 2-2,

v Dean Valley  W 6-0, 

v Hollinhey  D 0-0

 Jumping for joy!

Jumping for joy!

 Super seven

Super seven

A mile a day, a different way!

Day 1

Year 5 decided to march...... 



Year 3 shared the mile with a partner..... 



1BW decided to march, accidentally recreating a famous album cover! 


 Knees up 1GH! 

Knees up 1GH! 

Day 2

Year 6 began the day running their mile. 



Year 4 cheered when they finished their mile today! 



Miss Johnson challenged Year 5 to race their daily mile...... 


2JB finished their mile quicker than Mr Beevers! 



Day 3

Phase 3 took up the challenge together.... 


Year 5 used their PE session to do another mile, each lap unique to themselves!


Year 1 decided to do their laps as different animals. See if you can spot the cheeky monkeys and tall giraffes! 


Reception enjoyed their mile in the sunshine. 


Day 4

Year 1 decided to blast some music out and dance their way around for their mile! 



It was also the furthest we'd done! Go Year 1! 

5BJ Class Assembly

5BJ entertained parents, carers, grandparents and Phase 3 this morning, with their knowledge of information texts, Harry Potter Studios and the Globe Theatre.


The children delivered a humorous introduction, about their trip to London, (...... sorry Jack, I mean Watford!).


The assembly was incredibly informative and showcased a range of writing, such as poems and information texts.......



 ........as well as information via amazing IT presentations and trailers.


Finally, it was quiz time!  


Had all of the parents and children been paying attention to all the facts? 


Thank you 5BJ for a fabulous start to a Tuesday morning! 

Meeting Simon Bartram

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a ‘write’ good time on Friday when Simon Bartram, author of ‘Man on the Moon’, ‘Dougal’s deep-sea diary’ and ‘Bob’s best ever friend’ paid a visit to Parkroyal. 

The children went alien spotting, and looked at Simon’s many different hair-do’s, as well as looking at his books! As well as being a writer and illustrator, Simon gives a memorable performance in assemblies, and the children were engrossed in hearing tales about his most famous character, Bob the spaceman, as well has his jokes!

He also told us about his new book ‘Rufus’, a really grotty, green monster who is looking for ‘peopley persons’ to scare. The children were thrilled to buy copies of the book, signed by the author. 


Meet Simon and Bob

As author AND illustrator, Simon showed the children how to draw aliens. 



A new character emerges...



What it is to be able to draw....!

We had great question from the children too...”What is your favourite book...?” and “How did you become an author and illustrator...?”

Thank you for joining us, Simon.


Happy faces.... 

Mud fest!

Our hardy Year 5 & 6 cross country team waded their way round their first Spring cross country fixture at Derby Fields on Wednesday.

The girls team (Lucy, Dot, Yasmin, Tilly, Astrid and Rosalyn) finished a triumphant 2nd place out of 16 competing schools, scoring 30 points. Lucy stormed home in 2nd place, followed by Dot (10th) and Yasmin (18th).

The boys team (Hamish, Freddy, Daniel, Ethan, Dennis and Calum) again had a fantastic run finishing 10th out of 16, scoring 99 points. Hamish was the first boy home for Parkroyal in 14th place followed by Freddy (42nd) and Daniel (43rd).

The next fixture is at Macclesfield Athletics track on Wednesday 21st March followed by the championship race on 28th March.

 Y5/6 girls team

Y5/6 girls team

 Y5/6 boys team

Y5/6 boys team

 Start of the girl's race

Start of the girl's race

 Leading the pack at the half way point

Leading the pack at the half way point

 2nd place for Lucy

2nd place for Lucy

Communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Phase 3 drama games enrichment group is excelling with these specific life skills this term, using them to improvise in a variety of games.

Ten second objects

Can you spot the fish tank? The cooked breakfast? The record player? The hot drink? 



Sit, stand, lie

The children were given a scene to create, without talking, each becoming an object or character, in a standing, sitting or lying position.

At the doctor's surgery...... 



.......the doctor can't decide who to treat first- the man having a heart attack, or the pregnant lady! 

At the supermarket........ 


........it's hard to push one child in the trolley, whilst the other child is having a tantrum on the floor! 


Nail biting netball

In very crisp, cold conditions the Parkroyal netball team faced top of the league Marlborough in what turned out to be an exciting nail biter of a match. 

The first quarter belonged to Parkroyal with an excellent start to the match after Lucy scored two quick goals. The second and third quarters were a turn around for Marlborough with some very fast play down the court and brilliant shooting from their GA. The final quarter saw Parkroyal come to within two goals but there just weren't enough minutes left on the clock to pull ahead. Final score for the A team was 9-11; an outstanding performance by all and according to the Marlborough coach, their most competitive match of the season so far!

The B team took to the court next against a mixture of Marlborough A and B players. They worked fantastically as a team, trying to put into practice the skills learnt during training. For many of the team it was their first time out on court in a competitive match and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Congratulations to Noah and David who won player of the match for their teams respectively.

 Team support! Go Parkroyal!!

Team support! Go Parkroyal!!

 Team talk

Team talk

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