Assessment Information 

Key Skills

At Parkroyal we want our children to develop key skills that they can use and apply in any context. We have agreed ten key skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics that run as threads throughout all year-groups.

Year-Group Expectations

Against each of these key skills, we have created year-group expectation statements that will be used in your child's books (Year 1 - Year 6). Each of these statements are drawn from the National Curriculum for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Throughout the year, teachers will assess and track your child's progress against these expectations. 

The year-group expectations will be in the front of the children's books to encourage them to review their own progress and identify strengths and targets. Similarly, when you see your child's books the year-group expectations will help you to understand and support your child's progress at home.

Teachers will use this new system, alongside other forms of assessment, to inform you whether your child has met the end-of-year expectations. This will be reflected in your child's formal report in the summer term.